Traveling Deluxe Luxury Camps


horse riders camps in the way

tent for the riders

Panorama of the camp showing the grand verandahs, dining tent and the courtyard used for camp fire and folk music. The horse tent dwellings are also noticeable in the background.

The luxurious bath & toilet cubical tents and washing area of the camp

tent facilities for horse riders

breakfast for riders

Wooden framed mirrors, steel wash bucket, Mysore sandal soap/shampoo, fresh towels and a wash basin await the users. Breakfast is an exciting meal

rest in sunlight in camps

watchdog for tourists

Soft sunlight at tea time “SAVA” the safari dog waits for her biscuits at tea time

celebrations in camp during night

celebrations with music and dance during nite camp for riders

Ram Lal and his wife Patasi, the accompanying “Bhopa” minstrels at the camp fire The camp staff led by the riding leader! joins the party with the “Dhap” drum

dinner call for riders

riders getting ready in morning

Mr. Durga Singh announces the dinner served Village women look on as the grooms bring out the horses in the morning ready for mounting

riders set off for new ride

The riders set off  

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