Special Theme Parties at the Roop Niwas Palace, Nawalgarh

Risala Dinner


riders tourists in traditional dresses

lobby of Roop Niwas Kothi

Guests being dressed in Safa turbans and Indian dress for the Risala party In the lobby of the Roop Niwas Kothi

procession to dinner place

folk singers presenting at the place on camel carts

Guests are led in a flame torch lit procession from the front terrace to the Risala (stable camp courtyard) The camel carts form the stage for folk musicians

Hookah, Traditional Indian Smoke for smokers

Camel cart with singers on it.

A “Hookah” (hubble-bubble) is also available for the guests as a part of hospitality The music and barbeque continues…

charismatic moment at dinner

camp fire and dancing place for guests

A dream like charismatic moment A retinue of attendants serve the guests

Flower decorations for riders tourists

traditional hand wash system

Floral decorations

The ancient version of a wash basin ––– a snouted brass vessel “Ram Sagar” held by a retainer to pour water and a large brass urn with Neem leaves to hold the water


making tourists comfortable

decoration of flowers

Bolster pillows, satin sheets and peacock feather fans are a part of this evening Hand painted lime colour designs “Mandana” in the courtyard further decorated by flowers and “Diya” lamps

light decorations

courtyard for riders dinner

The entire courtyard is lit by about two thousand “Diya” (earthenware lamps with oil and a cotton wick) adorning the floor, niches and metal chandeliers hung from the balconies

The Zenana courtyard

the hosts for horse and camel safari

Durga and Devendra invite you to join them on one of their horse safaris.

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